Handcrafted Reeds For oboe, English horn, and Oboe D'amore


If you are searching for a consistent, reliable source for oboe, English horn, and oboe d'amore reeds, look no further than Back Bay Reeds!

I have been providing quality finished reeds for my customers since 1999. My reeds are completely handcrafted. Each piece of tube cane is split, gouged, shaped, tied, and scraped by hand over the course of several days. Before it leaves my studio, every reed is tested and retested to ensure consistency of pitch center, response, and tone.

Since each reed is made to order, there is a waiting list of about 6-8 weeks. Please place your order well in advance of the time you will need your reeds.


Please note:

At this time I am only taking orders from returning customers. If you HAve ordered reeds from me previously, please E-MAIL backbayreeds@gmail.com to place an order.